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17 July 2012 @ 06:33 am
RFH - 2012-07-17  
Opening Song
The Reflex By Duran Duran

Time, Money and the Environment
Bill could use 1,000 dollars.  His freezer went on the fritz, as they say.  When he called the appliance company, they came out and assessed the situation.  After a 40 dollar service charge, two separate visits and some serious frustration he had to pay 600 bucks to replace the compressor.  After all that effort, he went downstairs and checked it again and it’s still not working.  He usually buys bulk foods, like meats, to freeze and use later which is why the freezer is so important.  Gina’s husband Joe (Mr. Environmentalist) walks to the local Harmons and buys fresh food every day which caused an argument between Bill and Gina about who’s more environmentally friendly.  Gina questions whether or not Bill’s family even uses all of the stuff they stick in there…but Bill insists that they do.  He may have to call poison control occasionally to make sure that the food that’s been in there for 3 years won’t kill him but he uses it.  In the end, he will more than likely get rid of the freezer and ask for his money back.  

Boner Candidates
Brought to you by some foooooood

#1 I Was Trimmin’ My Bushes:  (http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/News/article.php?id=101327)

The Winner is #2 America’s Funniest Toe Suckers:  (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/16/joey-leaphart-toe-walmart_n_1676933.html)

#3 A Difficult Way to Get Dressed:  (http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/naked-texan-in-pickup-truck-crashed-into-mall-put-on-clothes-cops-say/)

Kill The Bit
Gina doesn’t want to say which bit she wants to see go because she doesn’t want to sway the vote.  Bill wants to save all three.  The chat room has varied opinions on which one to kill but a single bit doesn’t stand out.  When pressed, Gina admits that Den of Lies is her least favorite of the three but she still doesn’t feel like any of them should go, especially because Kyle now believes she hates him (which isn’t true).  

Tattoos and Givin’ Blood
Kerry skipped out on the last hour of the show today because he was seeing a (not so) secret screening of the new Batman movie and then he was going to give blood.  Bill says that’s not possible because he just got a tattoo and there’s a time period afterward where you aren’t allowed to give blood.  This led to another argument about whether or not the legends about the links between hepatitis and getting ink done are true.  A caller that works with the Red Cross said that they have changed the rules recently and use a chart that questions where you live and what type of procedure you had within the year (tattoo, piercing, etc.).  Depending on that information, you may or may not be able to donate blood.  In the end, they’re just measures put in place to be overly cautious for people like Gina who need the stickman signs that show you not to stand on the top rung of a ladder.

Gina’s Sign Off:  K, we’re done!