radiofromhell (radiofromhell) wrote,

Jake of the Web - 2009-10-20

Questions? Suggestions?
Recommended by Kerry
Guess if a name is a steak house or a gay bar.  Names like:
"The Flying Cow"
"Tenderloin Room"
"Eddie V's"
"Fire and Spice"
"The Silverado"
"Mr. Lucky's"
"Uncle Charlie's"
After you answer, they tell you which it is, where the business is located, and what percentage of people get the answer correct/incorrect.
"Fun Theory"
In an experiment funded by Volkswagon, a stairway next to an escelator was converted into "piano stairs" where stepping on each step created a different note.  They measured the change between pre- and post-piano stairs and filmed the results.  Made me smile.
Klenginem - The Klingon Rapper
This guy seriously is rapping in Klingon - which just sounds like German or Dutch or something to me.
A modifiable, moving, trippy image.  Seriously, if you're prone to seizures, don't click on this link.  It's fun mostly to see how you can adjust the image.
Laser-Cut art made out of paper currency.
Recommended by Jason Rushton
On this site, anybody can make music.  Click on any of the 1/4 inch squares on this page.  Each square represents a note in a repeating 5 second loop.  There are several 'tabs' that you can switch between for different sounds, including a set of drums.  Really, just click around a bit and you can easily have a decent-sounding (electronic) song in about a minute.
Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong
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