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02 August 2006 @ 04:57 pm
Radio From Hell Drinking Game  

(Author's Note:  The following is intended for the entertainment of mature audiences.  It is not recommended that anyone participate in this game or any derivative thereof.)

Take 1 Drink When

  • Kerry and Bill criticize Gina's eating habits

  • Gina says, "I like it the way I like it."

  • Bill angrily pounds on the desk.

  • Kerry indicates that he had been drinking the night before.

  • Gina completely de-rails a story.

  • "Nancy Grace" calls or e-mails the show.

  • Joe makes Gina eat something healthy.

  • The sign-off was sent in by Atropos.

  • Kerry finds a new "favorite" show on Adult Swim

  • Lionel Elgin is fired.

  • Gina swoons over Joe's good looks.

Take 2 Drinks When

  • Larry Flynt, Roy Horn, or Christopher Walken calls in.

  • William Shatner wishes an F.O.P a happy birthday.

  • Bill runs across something odd whilst riding his bike.

  • President G.W. Bush or Halliburton is a Boner Nominee (take another if they win).

  • Gina explains how she likes to top her pancakes.

  • Festus is playing in another inappropriate-for-children rock concert.

  • Kerry gets excited about full-length urinal dividers.

  • A Thing That Must Go involves a 14 year old yelling about "Mexicans".

  • Punk gives a movie more than 3 Prozacs.

  • Kyle kills himself again.

Take 3 Drinks When

  • Kerry goes to Las Vegas.

  • Señor Poopie-Pants calls in to woo Gina.

  • Little Bill is referred to as Martin Prince of The Simpsons.

  • Festus is referred to as Milhouse of The Simpsons.

  • Gina refers to Chainsaw Guy as her favorite radio character.

  • Sir Legrand Olivier performs a new piece.

  • Chuck Heston has a new mini-disaster movie.

  • Chainsaw Guy gives love advice.

  • Kyle imitates David Blaine.

  • Little Mrs. Bill is fed raisins.

  • Bill refers to Ogden girls as "a little slutty."

  • An F.O.P complains about the lack of Space Elder episodes.

Do A Shot When

  • Gina uses a bidet.

  • Bill tells his Halloween stories.

  • Kerry refers to his missing testicle.

  • Gina runs a race or engages is otherwise uncharacteristic physical activity (mountain biking, dirt walking, rock climbing, etc.).

  • Bill finds a shopping cart or dead body in the Jordan River.

  • Artie (Kerry's dog) is in the studio.

  • There is a live studio audience for The Radio From Hell Show (take another if they play The Family Feud).

  • Kerry or Bill make Gina squeal with fear or disgust.

Finish the Bottle When

  • Bill is involved in an incident which results in the removal of his underwear at a funeral.

  • Kerry becomes lost in the woods trying to find a bathroom.

  • Gina eats a soft-shelled crab.

If you have suggestions for additions or modifications, feel free to post in the comments.
(Anonymous) on August 6th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)
Do a shot when:
Our good friend Mariann Gibson of the Nephi Times News sends in a Miss (enter town name) competition.
Do another shot if who you pick wins.